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Manchester, Capital of Great Britain

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Thursday, 4 March 1875

In 1875 Queen Victoria agreed to move the capital of the United Kingdom from London to Manchester.

Disraeli, the Prime Minister at that time, had a powerful desire to maintain British interests overseas. Much of this power derived from the industrial and scientific strength of the country. And the source of that strength was Manchester which combined a massive industrial base with technological advances.

==Moving Queen Victoria==

Victoria was not fond of Manchester, she thought it was a dirty place and she was right. However she had enjoyed the visit in 1857 when 80,000 children sang the National Anthem for her. It always seemed that Disraeli could persuade her where others failed, and she acquiesced on the grounds that she would get a new Palace that would exceed her London residence. The north Manchester area of Heaton and the residence of the Heatons acquired and expanded to generous proportions.


Likewise new locations had to be found for Parliament and the administrative staff, to whit the entire centre around newly planned Manchester Town Hall was compulsorily purchased and flattened to be replaced by new buildings.

==Time scale==

From start to finish the whole process took ten years.

//Historical note: The Manchester Ship Canal was never built since all cargo transport had moved to the trains and the skies.//