A Steampunk History of a World at War

Global Chaos

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Wednesday, 1 November 1899

As the century draws to a close and the world is rife with crazy people with dire portents. The [Bad Link: Plugin Not Found] and [Bad Link: Plugin Not Found] are the first countries to detect the communications from space in the form of flashing lights in the sky.

It seems that [Bad Link: Plugin Not Found]' book published the previous year (War of the Worlds) is coming true. And world tensions begin to grow, not helped by ridiculous newspaper headlines about monsters from [Bad Link: Plugin Not Found]. The fact that they seem to be using some form of [Bad Link: Plugin Not Found] does not help.

Britain is forced, to prevent global chaos, to admit the [Bad Link: Plugin Not Found] has established a network of geo-synchronous [Bad Link: Plugin Not Found] stations.

Despite this admission, some people are not convinced.

Countries outside the British Empire, and her immediate allies, do not like it much and there is considerable diplomatic wrangling over agreements to transmit messages for allies.