A Steampunk History of a World at War

The Battle of Orion

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Wednesday, 12 November 1913

On the 12th November 1913, a conflict between forces of the British Navy and German Zeppelin fleet took place in the direction of Orion from Earth.

Two British and three German capital ships engaged in direct conflict. Details as to why the two fleets were in such a remote place at the same time is not known, though that is the position of the Giacobini–Zinner comet (which has a period of only 13 years).

Regardless of why they were there the ships engaged but due to their poor manoeuvring abilities they collided catastrophically. No ships logs were ever recovered.

Only two fighters managed to make their way back to near-Earth space, find another ship and alert the authorities. When rescue ships located the scattered wreckage they found no one alive from the big ships.

They eventually located a group of British and German fighters that had grouped together apparently to preserve their heat as long as possible. It wasn’t long enough.

This event brought about a rethink in the way ships were designed on both sides. The concept of the “carrier” was developed as a non-fighting vessel while smaller and more manoeuvrable battleships were developed.