A Steampunk History of a World at War


E.g., 2022-08-10
E.g., 2022-08-10
  • Wed, Jun 15, 1898

    Secret British mining colonies are set up on the Moon to provide iron and other minerals.

  • Wed, Feb 3, 1897

    The problem of communicating between Voidships in the vastness of mere orbital space is a magnitude worse than the same problem in the ocean.

  • Mon, May 18, 1896

    Finding how to get where you want to go isn't easy when you're in space and there's no radio.

  • Fri, Mar 13, 1896

    Tesla working with Rutherford achieves the complete nullification of gravity and with it develops the gravity sail. The discovery is made a military secret.

  • Mon, May 20, 1895

    The ship smuggling Tesla, incognito from the USA, docks at Liverpool.

  • Thu, Feb 23, 1893

    In 1893 Rudolf Diesel provided the alternative power supply that Germany needed for its Zeppelin fleet.

  • Sat, Nov 22, 1890

    Von Zeppelin gains government support for his work and the first Zeppelins are produced for military and commercial use.

  • Wed, Jun 4, 1890

    What do you when space is big and radio doesn't reach very far?

  • Wed, Jul 4, 1888

    In response to British expansionism and imperialism, the US government begins construction of a new navy from the keel up, incorporating the Faraday Principle.


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