A Steampunk History of a World at War

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Mon, May 20, 1895

The ship smuggling Tesla, incognito from the USA, docks at Liverpool.

Mon, Apr 10, 1911

Triggered by German aggression in Tangier, the Modern War begins.

Mon, Feb 7, 1848

British Government sponsors the Atmospheric Railway

Tue, Sep 22, 1874

German lighter-than-air transport unveiled

Wed, Jan 1, 1840

The German military command embraced the new technologies with a will. They may not have had total nullification of gravity, but they had Faraday's partial nullification, and they made it count.

Thu, Feb 27, 1868

Benjamin Disraeli becomes Prime Minister

Fri, Feb 20, 1874

Benjamin Disraeli becomes Prime Minister for the second time.

Mon, May 1, 1876

Queen Victoria is created the Empress of India.

Tue, Apr 24, 1877

Russia uses war to extend its influence in the Balkans

Thu, Jun 13, 1878

Failing to solve the problems of Europe

Fri, Sep 27, 1878

The first Royal Navy "Faraday Battleship", the "HMS Empress of India" is launched from the Liverpool dockyards.

Wed, Jul 4, 1888

In response to British expansionism and imperialism, the US government begins construction of a new navy from the keel up, incorporating the Faraday Principle.

Sat, Nov 22, 1890

Von Zeppelin gains government support for his work and the first Zeppelins are produced for military and commercial use.

Thu, Feb 23, 1893

In 1893 Rudolf Diesel provided the alternative power supply that Germany needed for its Zeppelin fleet.

Wed, Jan 1, 1840

The British love affair with steam power was not something to be easily lost, but it turned out to be a blessing when it came to space.

Wed, Jun 15, 1898

Secret British mining colonies are set up on the Moon to provide iron and other minerals.


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