A Steampunk History of a World at War

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Sat, Feb 24, 1912

The foundation of the Voidships universe is "what if Tesla invented anti-gravity"? Everything else follows from that.

Halo Round the Moon - new book

Another new book for the Voidships universe.

Halo Round the Moon continues the adventures of Anglo-Indian investigator Maliha Anderson.

Pneumatic trains, steampunk air-planes, karmic sex and bloody murder in 1908 India.

Fri, Apr 6, 1900

Murder out of the Blue ebook launched

We are excited to announce the very first official book in the Voidships universe has been released.

Fri, Mar 10, 1854

Britain and France against Russia

Sat, Jan 1, 1870

During this period the Royal Navy was a little slow on the uptake. But with rising tensions across Europe they took action with a new series of ships.

Thu, Jan 1, 1880

The upper atmosphere is weirder than you know.

Tue, Feb 1, 1820

Babbage engines, their development and use.

Wed, Jun 4, 1890

What do you when space is big and radio doesn't reach very far?

Mon, May 18, 1896

Finding how to get where you want to go isn't easy when you're in space and there's no radio.

Wed, Feb 3, 1897

The problem of communicating between Voidships in the vastness of mere orbital space is a magnitude worse than the same problem in the ocean.

Fri, Mar 13, 1896

Tesla working with Rutherford achieves the complete nullification of gravity and with it develops the gravity sail. The discovery is made a military secret.

Mon, Oct 25, 1847

Isambard Kingdom Brunel demonstrates his sealed tube "atmospheric railway" with carriages partially levitated using Faraday's Principle and pneumatic power pushing them along at speeds of over 88 miles an hour.

Wed, Jan 24, 1912

Voidships is the name of a Steampunk universe where a single change in scientific discoveries has changed the entire world.

Fri, Oct 18, 1912

Tesla and Marconi demonstrate ground to space radiophonic communications.

Wed, Nov 12, 1913

The terrible Event of 12th November 1913 during the Modern War

Thu, Mar 4, 1875

In 1875 Queen Victoria agreed to move the capital of the United Kingdom from London to Manchester.

Wed, Nov 1, 1899

As the century draws to a close and the world is rife with crazy people with dire portents. The [Bad Link: Plugin Not Found] and [Bad Link: Plugin Not Found] are the first countries to detect the communications from space in the form of flashing lights in the sky.


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